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Yakima Amateur Radio Club, W7AQ, is holding it's Annual Hamfest April 11, 2015. Click here for more information

2014 WARTS Net Picnic - July 20th

When tuning up for the net go a minimum of 5 kHz off net
frequency to avoid interfering with net operations -
Be sure to check for other stations that may be on the frequency that
you want to use to avoid interfering with the passing of traffic or other activities.
Thank you.
The WARTS Net is looking for pictures of members' stations. These pictures will be posted on the WARTS Net web site for all to see. We request that you submit no more than four (4) pictures in, preferably, JPG format (1024 x 768 pixels or larger - max 2 Mb file size) for addition to the new web page(s) and that you submit a short description of each picture including name, call sign and the subject, what's in the picture; i.e. radios, antenna, operator, etc. Please submit these pictures to our webmaster, Bill, W7ARC at   to have them included in this new section of the WARTS Net web site. Pictures are posted here.

If you have questions, please c
ontact Ken, or Bill,

Some station pictures updated - 02/19/11
Lester  "Les" Warriner,WA7HAM, of Prosser died Monday , March 23, 2015 at Cottage in the Meadow. Mr. Warriner was born in Grandview. Les was a longtime member of the WARTS Net.

Survivors include his wife, Mathilda Warriner , W7MRW; five daughters, Carol Huntley, Roberta Loeck, Dolly Knickerbocker, Jocelyn Warriner and Lee Anne Warriner; four sons, Cecil Lee, Herbert Dale, Ryan Lee Warriner and Lester Lee Warriner II; and a brother, Herbert Warriner.

A memorial service will be at 11 a.m. Thursday  March 26, 2015 at the Grandview Church of the Nazarene.


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March 2015 Roster- Now Available

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3975 kHz. - 1800 (6:00 PM) Pacific Time
(lower side band)

The Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System Net (WARTS Net) is the premiere traffic net for amateur radio message traffic for the state of Washington. Since it was first founded, December 23, 1947, this net has kept a daily schedule for the dissemination of radio messages through out the state of Washington and is the gateway to messages going to Alaska and British Columbia.  It is an affiliate of the National Traffic System and the ARRL®.

 This net meets every day at 1800 (6:00 PM Local Pacific Time on a frequency of 3975 kilohertz  for the purpose of handling both formal and informal traffic for stations in and around the state of Washington. All stations are invited to check in when their city is called. If not on the roster, visitor check-ins will be taken at the end of the roll call. (Winter band conditions may require a change in time)

To become a member of the net you must check-in a minimum of eight (8) times for one month then notify the Asst. Net Manager by radiogram, at the end of that month, of your intention to join the net. (See WARTS Net FAQ for more information.)

Net Staff


Net Control Stations:

Net Manager:
Guy Fiola, N7YRT


Brian, W7BJN, Moses Lake, WA

Monday:   Helen, KF7QNS, Bonners Ferry, ID
Tuesday:   Rick, W7RNB, Edmonds, WA

Assistant Net Manager: 
Ken Rau, K7YR

Wednesday:   Ken, K7YR, Manson, WA
Thursday:   Guy, N7YRT, Valley, WA
Friday:  Jack, W7LD, Quilcene, WA
Saturday:  Don, W7GB, Moses Lake, WA

Net Secretary:

Alternate Net Controls:
Chuck K7VRE Spokane, WA
Linn AC7XO Sunnyside, WA
Leigh Ann W7LEA Moses Lake, WA
Steve WA7DUH Kennewick, WA
Judi K7HRW Silverlake, WA
Lynn KV7L Princeton, OR

 Ken Rau, K7YR


We've had

Web Site Manager: 
Bill Frazier, W7ARC

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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

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  Propagation Status  
Solar-Terrestrial Data

Judi Robins, K7HRW
            Silverlake, WA

Guy Filoa, N7YRT
                     Valley, WA
Bill Frazier, W7ARC
                      Lynnwood, WA
Southeast/Chairman of the Board:
 Steve Sterling, WA7DUH
                      Richland, WA
John Burke, W7BO
                  Woodland, WA

Net Statistics for:  

February 2015

For 2015
QNI (Check-ins) :


QTC (Traffic Handled): 104 208



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